Proper care and attention is required to maintain and prolong the look, feel and comfort of leather golf shoes.  Faced with a wide range of hazards, leather golf shoes must be thoroughly cleaned and properly stored between rounds in order to prolong the look and life of the shoes.  We recommend rotating shoes between rounds - properly maintained the rotation of two pairs of shoes will last much longer than twice the life of a single pair.

Pre-Round Care:
Use a shoe horn when putting on your golf shoes.  This will protect the heel counter of the shoe-- damaging the heel counter can cause improper fit in the heel which can lead to blistering and overall discomfort

Post-Round Upper Cleaning and Care:
- Clean leather or synthetic shoes after each round by removing dirt and residue using  mild soap and water.
- Allow to air dry at room temperature.
- White-based shoes can be preserved by applying FootJoy white shoe creme to remove unwanted scuff marks as well as conditioning the leather.
- Dark-based shoes should use a combination of a shoe cleaner and the applicable color FootJoy shoe creme to maintain the look and conditioning of the full grain or calfskin leather.
- Nubuc Leather shoes should be treated with liquid cleaner and a brush.  Apply the cleaner to remove any dirt or residue and then using the brush, brush suede/nubuc that is matted, shiny or dirty in the direction of the nap- once clean, brush against the direction of the nap to regenerate the original look and feel of the nubuc.

Post-Round Outsole Cleaning and Care:
- Classics Dry Premiere Shoes: The leather outsole and welt area should be cleaned with a damp cloth and treated with leather oil.
- All non-leather outsoles should be wiped clean of dirt and residue- check to ensure cleats are intact and secured tightly into their respective receptacles.

Shoe Care Tips:
- Rotate your shoes:  As mentioned above, we suggest you rotate at least two pair of golf shoes- rotating your shoes allows the material to recover and dry naturally thus preserving their comfort.
- Excessively Wet Shoes:  If your shoes become soaked:
  a) place crumpled newspaper inside for 8-10 hours to soak up all excess water. 
  b) remove newspaper and replace with FootJoy Cedar Shoe Trees.  Cedar shoe trees will bring the uppers back to normal shape, smooth the linings and absorb any remaining water and odor.  The absorption properties of cedar make them far more effective than plastic shoe trees-
  c) we strongly recommend leaving Cedar shoe trees in your shoes at all times when shoes are not in use.
- Do Not:
  a) Do not dry your shoes using a blow-dryer or by putting them on a heater.  This will only damage the leather.
  b) Do not store your golf shoes in your car trunk, where high temperatures can break down shoe materials resulting in decreased lifespan of your shoes.